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Benchmark Dirt Worx is a full-service excavation and site contractor. We believe that a quality home needs a solid foundation, and that a solid foundation starts with quality site preparation.

Land/Site Prep

Clearing the land and digging foundations, driveways, and service lines.

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Providing good foundations for additions and new construction alike!

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Finish Grading

Preventing costly repairs and fixes by grading properly from the beginning.

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Combining 30+ years of  home building experience with a passion for quality and excellence.

Kent has been in the construction industry for 30+ years, performing duties ranging from general laborer and heavy equipment operator to project foreman, custom home designer, and professional nail-bender. While often remarking that he “just bends nails for a living,” Kent is truly an artist when it comes to custom home building. Calling on his varied experiences in the industry, he strives to bring quality and excellence to every project he touches.
Over the years, he’s seen how improper site preparation, improperly built foundations, faulty finish grading, and poor runoff water management impact a home and cause significant and costly damage. Here at Benchmark Dirt Worx, we believe that many of these issues can be avoided early on by proper site work. Just like building on rock doesn’t ensure a solid foundation, building a new home on the side of a hill will not ensure perfect water management. Everything from how close your home is to the top, or crown, of the hill to how deep into the hill your basement goes will impact how well the surrounding ground can care for your home.
On a construction site, surveyors mark out the “benchmark”: the highest point to be used as a reference point for all other survey points on the project. Our name comes from that survey point. We at Benchmark Dirt Worx strive to provide the highest level of service possible during our portion of the project so that the rest of the project is ready to start off on its best footing.

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Site Preparation

Clearing trees and brush, excavating the driveway, preparing the foundation, digging the trenches for the service lines to the home-our team is ready to kick off the journey of your dream home becoming a reality.


Enjoy the best
design and functions  combined together in a state-of-the-art foundation system

“Is this home going to be energy efficient?” is a common question families ask when considering building. We’re excited to offer ICF, or Insulated Concrete Forms, for new homes and additions. ICF is adaptable to accomodate the design you’re picturing while also giving the energy savings functionality no other foundation system can attain.

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Disaster Ready

Due in part to its superior strength over typical poured concrete walls (see below), ICF is especially resistant to damage. Fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, you name it, ICF is disaster ready.

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Environmental Impact

Because ICF has high-density foam on both the inside and outside, ICF has an insulating “R Value” of approximately an R50. This cuts energy transfer between the inside and exterior of your home by 50-70%! These factors cut energy costs in the long run.

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Stronger Concrete Foundations

In typical poured concrete foundations, the concrete forms are removed after a few days. This causes the concrete to “flash cure” and harden, but not to the same hardness it could reach if the forms were able to be left on longer. ICF forms are never removed; they become a part of the home itself, and as a result, they allow the concret to cure at a slower rate, in turn allowing the concrete to reach a higher level of hardness and giving the home a stronger foundation.

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Ready to Finish

Not planning to finish your basement now? No problem! With ICF, the basement is already insulated and well on its way to the finishing stages.

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Finish Grading

Finish Grading often doesn’t get the level of attention it needs for a new home. While we recognize it can be a low priority, we have seen the aftermath of improper site finishing and the costly damage it brings to your home. We encourage families to invest in the finish grading as an investment in their long-term home care!

Our Awesome Team

We have an awesome team of people ready to help you get your project started.

Photo of Kent Weed, owner Benchmark Dirt Worx

Kent Weed

Founder & Operator

Kent has been in the construction industry for 30+ years. Through Benchmark, he is combining his professional experience with his love for heavy machinery and working in the dirt. 

Photo of Kathy, Benchmark Office Manager


Office Manager

Having spent years in retail management and customer service, Kathy brings a passion for excellence both on the job and in the office.

Photo of Garrett, Benchmark Dirt Worx


Field Service Coordinator

Garrett has grown up in the construction industry, working around projects and heavy equipment since an early age. His innovative approach combined with attention to detail ensures each customer is cared for in unique ways.







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